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Collage - First Chakra by andromeda Collage - First Chakra by andromeda
So I just started messing around with collages, you know like the kind we did back in elementary school. Except, this time I am a bit more focused, haha.

So the idea behind my first few collages were from a guided meditation of the 7 Chakras. (which is on youtube). I did a separate meditation for each Chakra, this one is the 1st Chakra, or Root Chakra. In the guided meditation a spirit guide, animal or human or whatever, comes bearing a gift and a message.

In this meditation I felt so happy. There was a lady there in the shape of a tree, her roots were her feet, her hands were the branches (It was hard for me to depict this in my photo). The sun was shining and there were butterflies everywhere, all over the tree lady too. She was my guide in this meditation. She wanted me to dance, laugh, and have joy. She gave me happiness, light, and warmth in the form of a beautiful rainbow and sparkling ribbons! :)

The collage card is a 5 x 7, and it is a bit hard to photograph without getting any glare. Sorry about that. Eventually I want to have around 50-60 cards, each with meaning behind them, so that I can pull one each morning and focus on the meanings and how that can help in my life at the moment.

I claim no copyright on this image, as I cut all the pieces, even the background out of magazines, mostly National Geographics. I only claim the vision.
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July 12, 2013
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